Gold And Precious Metals

gold and precious metals

Why Is Gold So Important? Significance of This Precious Metal

For centuries, gold has been considered to be the foundation of our monetary system and always had massive significance to our lives. The question about why gold is so important has been asked since the beginning of the monetary/economic system. Gold is viewed as a symbol of prosperity, wealth and power. It has fascinated many cultures around the globe and the desire for gold has led to the progressive development for many cultures, but unfortunately has also caused destruction to others.

Gold is not just precious because it can be used for any kind of jewelry. Gold itself has the equivalent of money. Thus, putting your money into gold investment is indeed a wise decision. Whether the economy gets into a bad light, gold will never affected. It therefore shows that gold products can save you from any form of crisis since they can be easily converted to money. At times, its value appreciates rather than depreciates.

Different Uses as Gold's Importance

Many centuries have gone by and many important uses for gold have emerged aside from its common use as decorative and symbolic jewelry. Our technology has evolved and one of the components that made us reach this far is with the help of gold. The importance of gold is as precious as its value, and with its many uses, investing in precious metals is one good way of securing your finances.

The largest industry where gold is used is in electronics. Most of our gadgets and equipment have gold components that are commonly found on terminals, plating contacts, semiconductor systems, and printed circuits. This is due to the anti-corrosive properties of gold. Gold and precious metals are also used in heat insulation for automobiles. It is also formed into thread and used in traditional or modern embroidery.

When not investing, gold is being used for a variety of things. Gold as a form of award is also given to top performers in honors and competitions for their excellence and may be considered part of the elite class of their field. It is malleable and ductile that it can be drawn from thin wire and can also be beaten down to very thin sheets. In religion, it is considered to be a sacred metal by many Christians. Ceremonial chalices and cups are made of gold since gold is considered to be the only metal that is pure.

Even in dentistry, this precious metal manifests its usefulness since gold alloys are being used in tooth restorations such as permanent bridges and crowns. While in photography, gold toners are being used in shifting the color of silver bromide from black and white prints to blue or brown tones and also increase their stability. It is also used in high-end compact discs as a reflective layer.

Start Your Gold Investment Now

The value of gold hugely influences who sells, who buys, and its uses in that particular time. Although it has been a form of payment in the previous years, it is now being used for collection and investment due to the invention of paper money that came after it. Through centuries of turmoil in the world, gold was able to maintain a steady investment making it worth so much and considered a very popular item in the world of e-commerce and investing.

There are many uses for precious metals but these are just a few of the things that answers the never ending question "why is gold so important." The list goes on as our world changes, society and technology evolves. Creating different and new applications for it to be more useful in our life with many of our changing needs. Investment in gold will still be able to provide higher returns with fewer risks because of its qualities and different uses and with the urge to search for answers to make our lives better.

About the Author

<strong>Aaron Kutchinsky</strong> is a writer, lecturer, and committed financial activist.

In 2010 Aaron created and founded Guardian Gold & Silver as a definitive and groundbreaking alternative to the gold industry norm, a mission-oriented and revolutionary precious metals company with 3 specific goals in mind:

•    Do the right thing.<br>
•    Lead others to understanding.<br>
•    Get as many into the boat as possible.

It is extremely important to understand the current world financial paradigm shift, which is now well underway. Please visit <a target="_new" href=""></a> for more information and insights.

gold and precious metals

Selling your gold, silver, precious metals

Frequently Asked Questions...

Why dont we use gold and other precious metals as CURRENCY?

If we went back in time, to 1950 and started using coins with gold/silver in them that matches the face value printed on the coin.

Would we still have inflation?
Is this feasible?


Here is the biggest problem to using Gold/Silver as our currency. (Our Trade Deficit). As we import more than we export, we end up exporting our currency. Since Gold/Silver cannot be created without digging more out of the ground, eventually you'd have no money left within the US economy to run, as we would have exported our money to foreigners.

A fiat money system is the best when you have global trade. The only downside to fiat money is inflation will NEVER go away. All you can do is best limit the inflation to the smallest amount possible.

Gold makes sense in a closed economy that has no external trading. But in the 21st century of global trade, using gold as your currency is a straight shot ticket to poverty.

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