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100 Gold Flake Wholesale Low

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Pendants Jewellery - the Beauty and Spark of Gemstone Pendants

Women love to wear unique and attractive jewelry articles. Gemstone pendants are available for both men and women and are truly beautiful. These hanging lockets come in a variety of shapes. Some are shaped like natural gemstones, while others are cut in special shapes like hearts, flowers, snow flakes and stars. Animal shaped lockets are also quite popular all over the world. Some gemstone lockets are worn as lucky or religious jewelry articles. These articles are made from birthstones, such as garnet, amethyst, peridot, bloodstone, diamond, emerald and so on. One can also find cross lockets made from gemstones in a variety of lovely colors and patterns.

Gemstone necklaces are not very expensive. You can find natural or dyed gemstone lockets for as low as $1 a piece. These jewelry articles are also available on wholesale for hobbyists to try making gorgeous and unique necklaces and bracelets at home. They are available in colors like orange, black, maroon, blue, turquoise, amber, purple, red, green and many others. Semi-precious gemstone necklaces are also well-liked in all parts of the world. Heart-shaped lockets make excellent gifts for all occasions. You can also buy one such necklace for your loved one to show your love and loyalty in a meaningful and charming way.

Expensive gemstone pendants made from precious stones can also be located. Such a necklace is available with a carved coral rose with 14k gold chain. This gorgeous item is listed for $79. Similarly, other gemstone necklaces can be found in this category ranging in price from $100 to $400. 14k white gold necklace with oval aquamarine and diamond is attractive and elegant. Turquoise flower lockets, reversible necklaces, and elongated or teardrop lockets are also quite popular. Some designers use enamel to decorate their jewelry articles, while others make use of multi-color stones and wire techniques to create one-of-a-kind necklaces and lockets.

Handcrafted reversible pendants are a practical choice and look beautiful. Many styles of these necklaces are available out there ranging from single gemstone designs to multiple stone patterns. The reverse side of these lockets is decorated with engraved shapes in 14k or 18k gold. Most of these necklaces come with 18” to 24” sterling silver or gold chains. One such necklace is available for only $100 which is quite reasonable for a beautifully handcrafted item. Stones most commonly used for making these stylish necklaces include opal, garnet, tengizite, carnelian, fluorite, etc. The back side of these lockets is often given a rough texture to improve its appearance and glamour.

Pendants come in a wide range of designs and patterns. Gemstone necklaces appeal to people of all ages because of their uniqueness and worth. You will find many gemstones including birthstones and rare gems in this category. They come in a variety of thrilling and mesmerizing colors. You can choose one according to your style and taste and to wear it with a special dress. These necklaces can also be given as lovely and memorable presents on all occasions including anniversaries and birthdays.

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