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★ Gold Gem

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Reproduction Victorian-Era Gold Jewellery Makes Good Gifts

During the Victorian era, golden jewellery was made into simple styles that were highlighted with lots of fretwork and often a small tasteful gem stone. Today, these early golden treasures are being reproduced in the same antique styles that our ancestors adored. It is possible to get pretty solid gold scarf pins, shimmering collar pins, and pretty pendants or bracelets that are hard to tell apart from their antique inspirations.

The delicate Victorian-inspired solid gold jewellery comes in white gold, pink or rose gold, and in the yellow gold styles. These beautiful reproductions can be sold at value prices due to the cost of gold on the marketplace today. Unlike the larger styles in high-quality jewellery, the Victorian-themed jewellery is delicate with lacy looks that are made from fragile smaller golden curls. While the costs for these types of pieces are often less, the feminine Victorian jewellery look is often more desirable than chunkier items.

The golden bracelets, gold filled pins, and bracelets that mimic the older times are often coupled with a blue sapphire, red ruby, or fresh water pearl. These three types of gems were very popular jewellery decorations during the 1880's and 1890's. Sapphires and rubies were often substituted for diamonds in gold wedding band settings before 1910. Solid gold necklace chains often included a tiny gem on the clasp. In these early gold jewellery fashions, it did not matter if the chain gem matched the gems in the gold pendant that was clipped or strung onto the front of the multipurpose gold necklace chain.

The Victorian-inspired delicate gold jewellery makes very nice gifts for young women and adults. Due to the high-quality look to the small pins and delicate gold necklaces, this style of jewellery is often used with work attire. Golden scarf pins, collar pins, and cluster pins can be used alone or in combinations that can keep their presentation constantly changing. Younger women often enjoy wearing the small solid gold scarf pins in their hair or attached in unusual places such as on stockings or backpacks.

The solid gold Victorian-inspired jewellery is romantic. It is possible to purchase examples of this jewellery that are formed into tasteful hearts, initials, or meaningful shapes that can remind your partner of the special times that you have together. Shimmering golden jewellery is considered to be keepsake jewellery; the special or meaningful golden jewellery objects that should be treasured forever.

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