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Alaska Gold 20 Yukon Lot

White Pass Railway in Skagway Alaska

Is a an Adventure holiday the holiday for yu?

If you have been thinking about going on a holiday this year but you’re not sure which holiday is best for you, here are two holidays at either end of the spectrum for you. Trying to consider two different holidays can be confusing, but it all depends on what you will really enjoy the most.


Well let’s start off with sunny locations in the Caribbean, more specifically St Lucia. One thing to be aware of is that this vacation location is becoming more and more popular, the problem is it is getting a little packed as well. All you need to see is a few pictures of St Lucia and you will fall in love with it straight away. You wont be able to find a bar with bad service here, and the beaches are amazing quality.


This holiday is designed for those that want to chill out and enjoy the rays of the sun. It doesn’t take much effort at all, all you need to do is grab a nice spot on the beach and spend a good 7 days lazing having a few drinks. Here is something that everybody can delight in. You don't just have to sit by the beach though, you can head inland and explore the island a little more.


Now if you still don’t think that the Caribbean is convincing enough, then consider this. Canada holidays offer some of us the more outgoing and adventure style holidays. Although there are places to relax like on an Alaska Cruise, the country of Canada is more set around helping you to enjoy life by taking you on a journey. Canada has so much to offer in the way of hiking, taking tours and visiting historic landmarks. You can visit Canada and in July go to the Calgary Stampede described as the greatest outdoor event on earth.  Fly Drive Canada Holidays have also become a popular consideration for tourists from across the world.


Both Destinations have something to offer to everyone, but personally the Canada holiday is for me, it gives so much to any tourist that visits.


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