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Alaska Gold Yukon Lot

Skagway Alaska & Jewell Gardens

Skagway Alaska is a city that is popularly known as the Garden City. It has an amazing landscape and a fantastic countryside that are the things which make this area the favorite of tourists from all over the world. Alaska is, as we all know, the place that holds for us a lot of charm, and with Discoverskagway, you get to rediscover the place all over again, in a fresh new feel. This is a site that takes you on a splendid tour of the city. One of the main attractions of the place is the Jewell Gardens that are famed to be the finest gardens of the city.

What Do You See in Skagway Alaska?

Skagway in Alaska has a rich history that travelers are keen to delve into. Geographically speaking, the topography of the land is diverse and appealing to the average tourist, not to mention the adventurer and explorer. Discoverskagway makes sure that you take a trip to this fantastic land and see the bounties of nature for yourself. Dotted by the regal mountains on either side, the Skagway Alaska town lies cradled in a slender vale of glaciers at the start of Alaska’s Taiya Inlet. The place is also home to the Jewell Gardens and lies right beside the transport corridor that leads to the interiors of Canada.

Brief History

The origin of Skagway can be traced back to the gold strike that had taken place in Klondike in the Yukon Territory of Canada. While there were a few protesters who acquired the gold that they had dreamed of in Skagway Alaska, others decided to move on away from the city. With Discoverskagway, you get to know all about the Skagway boom, the remains of some of which can be found in the Alaskan as well as Canadian landscapes and architectural structures. Today, there are about 800 people living in the town on an annual basis.

Jewell Gardens

Jewell Gardens are one of the best tourist destinations in the city and sis known as one of the finest gardens in Skagway Alaska. There are a number of flower gardens and plots through which you can seamlessly take a walk. The vast vista of flora includes everything from flowers and herbs to berries and vegetables. All the aromas are captured with their essences and with a Discoverskagway guide, your task to locate them should not be a tough one. The riot of colors of an Alaskan spring revives the shades and hues so as to titillate your senses. The plant life is also resuscitated to life by the Alaskan summer. In fact, the Jewell Gardens look like a G-scale railroad, threaded by tiny trees, flowers and shrubs and a compendium of houses and buildings representing Skagway Alaska during the early years of the 20th century.

About the Author

Visit Skagway Alaska and Jewell Gardens through Discoverskagway and have the best trip of your life.

Alaska Gold Yukon Lot
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