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Jesus Gold Troy

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During the fifth century B.C. town-state of Athens was a pacesetter of the ancient world. In 480 B.C. the present temple of Athena was destroyed by the Persians. Athens appropriated 5,000 silver skills from Delian League to finance constructing tasks together with the rebuilding of the Athenian temple on the Acropolis. In 447 BC Pericles started building of the new temple, the Parthenon. Devoted to Athena, its identify more than likely comes from a figure of Athena Pantheons, housed in the temple. Surrounded by a colonnade, the primary room contained the statue of Athena adorned with smaller statues depicting Athena' life.

The marble Parthenon is an instance of Doric design and Ionic architectural features. The size of the bottom of the constructing are 228 feet long and 101.four feet wide. The outside columns are 6.2 feet in diameter and 34.1 feet high. The Parthenon price 469 silver talents to build. Translated into 2010 costs, one talent of silver is equal to 82.25 pounds or 1199.479 troy ounces. With spot silver at $17.36 USD, one silver talent is value $20,822.9554 USD. Therefore, the Parthenon value $9,765,966.08 = (469 skills x $20,822.9554).

Athens produced an infinite subject of 1 specific silver coin to finance construction of the Parthenon. A big forty two gram silver deckadrachm was struck. The obverse of the deckadrachm reveals the the top of Athena facing left carrying a crested helmet with [two] olive leaves and a floral scroll. (Athena was the supporter goddess of Athens.) The overturn shows an owl standing going through, wings unfold with an olive twig in higher left; phrase 'Athens' on decrease right.; all of the obverse is within an incuse square. The owl additionally represents town-state of Athens. The Deckadrachm was issued from 467 to 465 B.C. (Sear 2516.) At this time, less than as than thirty authentic deck drachms exist. Ten are owned by museums and personal collectors. The Turkish authorities owns 20 of those deck drachms.

Although this famous coin may be very uncommon, authorized reproductions of the Athenian deckadrachm are available. These reproductions are both struck from pure silver or forged in lead-free pewter copies.. In accordance with the Interest Safety Act of 1973, the phrase COPY is struck on the obverse of these authorized reproductions. Right now the deckadrachm and the Parthenon remain the best examples of Greek artwork and structure within the ancient world.

Between 126 to five B.C., the town of Tyre regained its autonomy from the Seleucid Empire. Tyre began issuing a series of high quality silver tetra drachms known as 'shekels.' These shekels of Tyre grew to become important in Jewish and Biblical history. From four B.C. to the fall of the Second Temple in sixty eight A.D. these shekels of Tyre in Jerusalem by Temple. Each Jew was required to pay the annual tax of half shekel to the Temple. Because of its weight and silver content material, temple tax funds had been made only in the shekels of Tyre. It's the commerce of the money changers angered Jesus to turn of the tables of the money lenders. Since the Temple exclusively the Tyre currency, it is likely that Judas was paid to betray Jesus thirty shekels of Tyre.

The fundamental design of the shekels made in Tyre and afterward Jerusalem remained unchanged. The obverse of the shekel of Tyre exhibits a laurate head of beardless head of Melqarth (Hercules) dealing with right with a lion's skin round his neck. The reverse reveals an eagle standing left on the podium of a ship, containing a palm beneath its wing. (Sear 5918)

Although this well-known coin is rare, legal reproductions of the s are available. The shekels of Tyre reproductions can be found in cast lead-free pewter copies. In accordance with the Passion Safety Act of 1973, the word COPY is struck on the obverse of those authorized reproductions.

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