American Buffalos Gold Gram

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1 Gram Silver Bar Great American Buffalo 999 Fine

American Buffalos Gold Gram


While gold is an excellent investment, not everyone has $1335 (current spot price as we write) to jump right in. And that's only for 1 ounce!

Silver has been around and coveted for almost as long as gold, and it's way undervalued! Silver has been asleep for many generations and has just begun to open its' droopy eye over the last 2 years. When the sleeping silver serpent finally does wake and rise, lookout! Experts believe silver will rise to as much as $187.00 an ounce, maybe even higher! Sound like a pipe dream? Maybe, but skeptics also never thought silver would reach $30 an ounce and yet silver has been flirting with $32 an ounce over this past 6 months.

While the cost of fuel oil, wheat, meat, and beets continues to rise, we need a hedge against this inflation. With all the printing of money that has been done over the last 2 years, (more than in the total history of the American currency all put together), silver mining and availability being at an all time low, and silver demand being at an all time high, the sleeping silver serpent has only one way to go, and that's up, up, and away!

Silver investing can be fun by investing in bars, rounds, coins such as the American Silver Eagle, or even by purchasing graded coins with respectable 3rd party grading companies such as NGC or PCGS.

It's never too late to jump in or even step in cautiously and invest as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Obviously the more one invests into a winner, the more they win in the end. Protect your future. Protect your child's future.

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As owner and proprietor of The Eagle Empire, Michael Hohensee has a definite passion for the gold and silver coin and bullion market and a great deal of expertise in the matter. An avid collector and investor for many years, he takes great pleasure in helping to educate newcomers in the field and listen to and share ideas with other "seasoned" enthusiasts.

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